Book Worming

Yup… book worming is now a verb. 🙂

This was a usual place to find young me…

It is a common enough thing for people to ask about recommended books. SO here’s a list from my eyes. I’ll list them as I remember them, even though some are likely to be old reads with a foggy recollection. I’ll also update periodically. I was going to include good blogs, but instead I’m going to create a separate post with good online resources for reading.

A neat note. When we were kids, books on tapes were a fringe thing. Well that’s changed big time. One of my favorites to enjoy happen to be books narrated by the authors. The written word is an incredibly important medium. However, the author’s own voice provides tonality and importance to words (and thereby concepts) that we might never pick up ourselves. As such, I recommend you make friends with the Audible app on your phone. It’s probably already there 🙂

Car Classroom.jpg
Thanks Jeff Burger for the meme…

OH, and I’m always in the search for more great books. Suggestions gladly accepted. I currently have a 2 foot pile of books I’m working on as well.

Yup, that’s my office pile… the home pile is about the same

Categories… I’ll do my best to subdivide. Of course, several books fit into many categories.

SELF DEFENSE and MARTIAL ARTS: These are presented as I could remember the title. There is no other particular order intended. Also I was tempted to separate these, but they bleed all over each other.

Fun Fact… Rory HATES being a meme

Anything and Everything by Rory MIller. OK, this is a likely longer post in the future, but if you have interest in Self Defense on any level (or you say you do via your arts) then you need to read and internalize Rory’s stuff.

  • “Meditations on Violence”
  • “Facing Violence”
  • “Force Decisions”
  • “Scaling Force”
Read this book… then read it again AND attend the lecture.
  • “Conflict Communications” (This one belongs in a LOT of categories… it is really the Rosetta Stone for human conflict)
  • “The LIttle Black Book of VIolence” Kane and Wilder
  • “The Big Black Book of Violence” Kane and WIlder
  • “The Gift of Fear” De Becker
  • “The Book of Five Rings” Musashi
  • “Left of Bang” VanHorne and Riley
  • “Autumn Lightning” Lowry
  • “Hagakure” Tsunetomo
  • “Musashi” Yoshikawa
  • “Angry White Pyjamas” Twigger
  • “Shogun” Clavell

LEARNING, LEADERSHIP and BUSINESS: So many of these cross over each other

  • “Sensei, Mentor, Teacher Coach” Kane and Wilder
  • “Good To Great” Collins
  • “The Talent Code” Coyle
  • “Selling Out to Your Level of Comfort” King
  • “Extreme Ownership” Willink and Babin (DEFINITELY listen to this one)
  • “The Ice Cream Maker” Chowdhury
  • “What Every Body is Saying” Navarro
  • “The Like Switch” Schafer
  • “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Carnegie
  • “Good to Great” Collins
  • “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Kiyosaki


GUILTY PLEASURES: brain junk food

Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy
Stephen King books
Michael Crichton books
“The Call of the Wild” London
“White Fang” London (There’s a reason I have Alaskan Malamutes for pets)
“Kavik the Wolfdog” Morey (See reasoning of White Fang)

These are my direwolves

Marvel and DC Comics (my friends collected sports cards, I read comics)

He’s the best there is at what he does

So as I mentioned… this list can be expected to grow AND I would love your suggestions below. The big reads these days are psychology, understanding criminals/violence, leadership…. but don’t limit your suggestions to those. If you’ve got something good, share!

Author: bushidoandbourbon

The original name of this blog was Bushido, Bullets, Barbells, Bruises, and Bourbon.... but that was too much to remember. The goal is easy, to provide a musing place for all things involving martial training, self defense concepts, health, fitness and things that interest me or are particularly irksome. Enjoy the ride kids...

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